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Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company specializing in the detection of early-stage cancers. They're best known for Cologuard, the first stool DNA test for colorectal cancer.

Patient Hub

Previously, Cologuard patients could get their result only from their ordering provider. But Exact Sciences wanted to provide easy access for patients to manage their account, order a test, and get their result. Balancing user and business needs with legal, regulatory and medical requirements, I designed content for all screens on the brand-new Exact Sciences Patient Hub. The launch represents a digital transformation for the enterprise.


Patients need an easy way to:

  • Manage account

  • Order a test

  • Get test result

My challenges

  • Legal, regulatory & medical requirements

  • Readability levels - clarity vs. accuracy

  • Older demographic


  • Order status

  • Result delivery

  • Account 

  • Support

  • Education

Success metrics

Pilot phase: 2,203 users signed up in 1 month

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